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Implementing philanthropic programs for the welfare
 of destitute and neglected citizens in Asia
and the Asian minority in the West.





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Our Vision and Mission

Access to high quality education is a fundamental right of every child and is  one of the best ways to break the poverty cycle.  In order to serve neglected and destitute children, the World Foundation for Asia engages in the following activities:

Advocating sponsorship of  needy children in Asia and the USA through scholarships from American mentors;

Sustaining education and healthcare of needy children and women through innovative educational and medical programs in rural and slum areas, in collaboration with established local organizations;

Promoting a sustainable approach to poverty alleviation through infectious disease drug research and development infrastructures.

An organization you can trust:  Expenses Break Down 100%:
Program Services 88%, Management and General: 5%, Fundraising: 7%.



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